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Under A Blue Moon is a blatantly honest and inspiring soul quest. It encourages you to look beyond the obvious and keep your mind and heart open for the previously unseen and unheard. Isa felt a prompting, inviting her to a destination yet unknown, to a hidden world concealing ancient wisdom, while floating in her canoe under the golden light of a blue moon. She spontaneously decided to set out to find it... (read more)

- non-fiction - recommended for adult readers - 19 photos - 193 pages -


Nothing is safe from my brush:
FOLK ART by Isa Oehry


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03/23/2016: Adventure will sprout the unexpected —the seed of a new perspective on life...
03/11/2016: The beginning of Under A Blue Moon...

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Hugging the peak marker of Mt. Moosilauke



Praise for Under A Blue Moon
Under A Blue Moon" engages the mind, body and soul. It captures the magnificence of life when we are able to be present with all that is. It is an inspiring journey of heart and soul. I was reminded again and again how life giving and enhancing our interactions with the universe and nature can be and through reading this book, was inspired to engage with life on a deeper level.
Isa's curiosity, trust and enthusiasm are contagious. This book is full of inspiring adventures and laughter, deep insights, and the beautiful knowledge that we are inherently connected with and to everything in this universe...and even beyond.  The likelihood is great that you will read this book and be inspired to embark on your own deep soul quest.
- Dr. Allison Bogan    ( more praise)

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Read an excerpt of Isa's new novel, a tale that brings to life human connections reaching far beyond our present life experience (available early 2018):

“...Guns and artillery were fired throughout the night, deadening any attempt to remember Christmas Eve. Suddenly, just after midnight, a beautiful and clear voice was heard from somewhere in the trenches. The words of “Silent Night” cut like a razor sharp knife through the horrors of the night and hit the soldiers' hearts like a bullet. The gaping wound spilled out feelings of brotherhood and charity, emotions strictly banished, as they are incompatible with the inhuman spirit of war...”

The mountains of Liechtenstein in the afternoon sun

CD Healing through Light Energy

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This healing meditation addresses each organ in our body, every aspect of our being, even the spaces within and around our cells.

It is a tool meant to improve not only our physical well-being, but also the well-being of those surrounding us.

The meditation was born during the daily prana distribution ritual documented in Under A Blue Moon and took three years to fully unfold.

It is the fruit of a personal, inner seed.

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