Don't miss these featured author events at
Royalton Memorial Library!
Thursday March 3rd, 7pm

Join authors Isa Oehry and Kate George for a discussion of
their books and writing process.

Isa Oehry's   book   Under a Blue Moon , released through Balboa Press in 2015, is a “true story, and often humorous account. It inspires us to look beyond the obvious, and keep our minds and hearts open for the unseen and previously unheard," said Oehry. 
Kate George's   Bree MacGowan mystery fiction series includes three books, Moonlighting in Vermont ,   California Schemin' , and   Crazy Little Thing Called Dead . "Bella Bree MacGowan is your average country girl. She works two jobs to support her farm and the menagerie of stray animals that accumulate there," said George about the first book in the series. "But when she finds a dead body at the five-star resort where she moonlights as a maid, her life careens out of control." 

Are you also a local author? Want to participate? Come to the event and
we'll give you a chance to introduce yourself and your book(s).

Light refreshments will be served! Free & open to all.

17 West Main Street - Wilmington, VT 05363

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SEVEN DAYS - Vermont's Independent Voice - December 23-30, 2015 Vol21. No.16

Under a Blue Moon

Isabella S. Oehry, Balboa Press, 171 pages. $14.99

Under A Blue Moon

"[R]ecent scientific discoveries have taught that although we all share 99.9 percent of the same twenty-five thousand genes, it is after birth that we begin to switch them on and off in response to our cells' interpretation of different environmental signals."

This semi-memoir is less scientifically inclined than that quotation might suggest — but, having established this "Page 32" conceit, we're going to stick with it. Oehry's book is an account of the year she spent in search of prana, a Sanskrit word that means, roughly, "life force." Inspired one night by the rare lunar event of the book's title, the author embarked on a journey through Vermont that paralleled a spiritual journey of awakening. A good choice for readers who like their campfire stories flavored with a dash of chakra .