Under a Blue Moon

Although it was Isa Oehry who was the one to walk this extraordinary journey and experience the adventures, the insights gained are meant for all of us. This true story, and often humorous account, inspires us to look beyond the obvious, and keep our minds and hearts open for the unseen and previously unheard. It forever changes how we view the world we live in.

In Under A Blue Moon , Oehry documents a journey that began innocently under the golden light of a full moon. Mysteriously nourished, enriched, and highly energized by an unseen force under nothing but a moon surrounded by thousands of stars, she felt a prompting, inviting her to a destination yet unknown, to a hidden world concealing ancient wisdom. She spontaneously decided to set out to find it.

During her search her eyes were opened to what appear as unbelievable truths at first sight. What she had been told and what she had learned about this earth, its people, animals, and plants—about the entire universe—suddenly no longer applied.

As if some unseen force orchestrated her journey, yet protected her from harm, she was drawn to and experienced adventures, some precarious enough that she marveled at having survived at all. Longing to visit one of the secret places she had learned about, she ventured to the mountains, far beyond where mankind lives, and journeyed to the hidden gates of the legendary worlds. Under a canopy of millions of blinking stars, she asked permission to enter. And then it happened—

With Under A Blue Moon , Oehry not only takes us on her adventurous, magical journey, but her curious mind fueled by inquisitiveness and scientific playfulness invites us to reconsider our own understanding about all that surrounds us. She encourages us to step out of our comfort zone of safety and security and begs us to take a risk, to open ourselves to engage with life on a deeper level. Oehry's enthusiasm and zest for life is contagious. Do not be surprised to find yourself promptly embarking on your own soul quest.