Praise for Under A Blue Moon

Under A Blue Moon" engages the mind, body and soul. It captures the magnificence of life when we are able to be present with all that is. It is an inspiring journey of heart and soul. I was reminded again and again how life giving and enhancing our interactions with the universe and nature can be and through reading this book, was inspired to engage with life on a deeper level.
Isa's curiosity, trust and enthusiasm are contagious. This book is full of inspiring adventures and laughter, deep insights, and the beautiful knowledge that we are inherently connected with and to everything in this universe...and even beyond.  The likelihood is great that you will read this book and be inspired to embark on your own deep soul quest.
- Dr. Allison Bogan     


After years of admiring Isa for her myriad physical achievements as world class skier and climber, my respect now deepens as I watch her seek and experience truths that seem to stem from the non-physical realms. 
She now gives this book as a gift to us all; a peek into the experiences of one who says ‘Yes' to life. May it guide many to changed perspectives and uplifted spirits, as her whole being has done for me.” 
- Colette Foster, Professor of Mathematics


"When given the privilege to read an advance copy of the book, I didn't know what to expect.  From the very first page, the reader becomes immersed in a year long journey that is part adventure, part educational, part magical and ultimately mystical.  Some of the stories shared in the book may seem hard to believe, but having known Isa for years, I have no doubt that the experiences recounted did indeed take place.  Beware.  If one reads "Under A Blue Moon," your perception of the world will be altered forever.  And not a moment too soon."
- Kevin Griffin, VT Superior Court Judge


I have been thinking that the narratives in both Wild and Eat, Pray, Love begin when the authors had reached a very low point in their lives; the low point was their crisis, and the journey their path to the transformation they desperately needed. Isa Oehry's life was different; she recognized all its good qualities, while believing a change was needed – but what? Her crisis point was in realizing that the very security and safety of her life may have been holding her back in a spiritual search – and the realization came with the point of an arrow against her neck!
In spite of hesitations or fears she may have had at that moment, she, like Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed, knew that only by taking risks could she move forward.”
- Dorothy Gannon, Editor


With her book, “Under A Blue Moon,” Isa has provided me with a valuable resource in my quest to better understand my life on this earth. As a mountain guide, it's critical for me to make the right decision at the right time. Under pressure in life and death situations, remaining relaxed helps to make the right choice. By using the techniques Isa describes in her book, I am better able to remain relaxed and fully aware of my surroundings, helping me to be a better and safer guide.” 
Hans Solmssen - Mountain Guide


"Under a Blue Moon is an effortless and thoroughly worthwhile read. Deceptively so: there's a lot of both content and wisdom here, and Isa serves it up with a writing style that's pure maple syrup sweet and yummy as it goes down. Isa's yearlong adventure is part spiritual journey, part traveling through the four seasons of Vermont, and part climbing adventures. For me, a Vermont resident, it all rings true, from mud season, to the ice climb in Smugglers to the high camp in the Tetons. As for the spiritual dimension, I'm a skeptic, but here again I'm captivated by the mysteries as some part of all of us is. Isa's writer's gift is to offer up her experience with clarity and honesty, humor and humility. I think it's the resolve she gives and the attention paid to her spiritual quest I found most moving --- then again Green Reservoir under a Blue Moon at midnight is a pretty intoxicating place - I know having paddled it and spent many a night there -- and Isa renders it well."
- Tim Traver, Author